Wednesday, February 01, 2006

In Reference: The Island

The brain is an amazingly complicated thing and constantly amazes me. Having said that, let's begin. The brain basically consists of lots of different cells and molecules, ect. that are arranged in a particular fashion. And it is the arrangment of those chemicals that contributes to many of the things that you do. For example, if you were to break a memory down into its simplest form, it is nothing more than neurons arranged in a certain way and the way that your brain accesses them. Now the way that your brain accesses them is coded somewhere else in your brain. So basically, the entire coding for a humans conscious existence is within the layout of the grey-matter cells. Now, having said that, I am theorizing that it would be possible (if we had the technology) to create and exact replica of a human with all of the same memories. All we would have to do would be to take a normal clone and then at some point drastically rearrange this structure of the guess is that the host person would have to take some sort of a radical neural imaging, multi-layering CATscan of sorts. Now they would be the same person for an instant, but then at that point they would begin to deviate and have different experience, but if everything was done correctly, they should react exactly the same to similar circumstances. The other question that I pose (which goes along with this) is whether or not the clone would have a soul. Now technically it would be an exact replica of the original person in all forms of the word...BUT from that point on they would be two separate humans.