Monday, July 31, 2006

Retro Grunge

This is yet again another fashion blog about the great looks for this fall. A popular look this fall (and currently) is to go for the very distressed, grunge band look. This is usually accomplished by wearing well beaten and faded jeans with some sort of destroyed/vintage t-shirt with either a tattered belt and converse style shoes or a well kept leather belt and pointy shoes. The jeans worn tend to be more fitted and the appropriate hairstyle for this look is long and messy. While this look works well for the more defined male, it also hails to the skinny crowd as well. Some skinny men are even known to wear girls jeans to accomplish the tight fit. I am not one of those skinny men. Instead I wear tapered fit, bleach washed jeans and the rock-washed t-shirts from stores like Jimmyz. The fade of the jean depends on the style and color of the shirt you are wearing. For brighter colors and lighter hues, wear dark faded jeans and for dark shirts, like the one above, go with a lighter jean.

This is a very easy look to master without spending much money at all. If you are really in a pinch, shopping at the Salvo works just as well. For the fall, the touch of a well-worn leather jacket is just the ticket. If a leather jacket is just a little out of the price range, a nice unstructured fatigue jacket is just what the doctor ordered. Final verdict: for a casual night out, this style makes for a perfect addition to the wardrobe ...especially if the night out includes drinks at a trendy martini bar.