Thursday, September 14, 2006

G & S II

And just in case you thought that my ideas of self-marketing were over:

Five, Six... Slevin

This evening I decided to watch a movie that I had heard quite a bit about. The only thing was that I really didn't know anything about the movie. That being said: go out and rent it. Lucky Number Slevin was all and all a good movie. As the movie unfolded via witty dialogue and plot twists, all I could do was sit and listen intently. The phrasing and sheer wit of the characters is fantastic. It is almost the kind of movie that you need to watch over again just to catch all of the innuendos and jabs being thrown around. Example:

Slevin: Who are you?
The Boss: I'm The Boss.
Slevin: I thought he (pointing to other guy) was The Boss.
The Boss: Why? Do you think we look alike?

This may not seem like much in writing, but with the speed and timing that it is delivered, it brought a quick chuckle to my lips. Final Verdict: If you like movies like the Usual Suspects or L.A. Confidential or any good movies, go out and rent it. Plus, you can think about how awesome it would be to meet a character like the one played by Lucy Liu.

*Odd fact of the day: In 1995, The Usual Suspects total US box office gross was $22,627,479. In 2005, Lucky Number Slevin (a similar movie) total US box office gross was $22, 494, 487. Coincidence? I think not.