Saturday, October 25, 2008

One, Two, Three, Four...

Over the last several years, the interest in dance has erupted. Each week, millions of viewers tune in to see if their favorite celebrity or no-name hero will make the cut and continue on to the next week. Not only has this blossomed in the television industry, but it has increased in the movie world as well. Movies like Take the Lead, Shall We Dance, and even Step Up 2: The Streets have further fanned this explosive social need.

Having had formal dance instruction (and instructed), I would full-heartedly encourage each and every one of you to get out and get some dance training. Why, you may ask? I shall give you several reasons:
  • Not only does dance teach one to move with the rhythm, but it also teaches many things that are applicable in your day-to-day routine; things like grace, poise, and a mental confidence that you can dance better than most people you pass on the street.
  • Have you ever been to a wedding/party and watched a couple that turns the head of everyone and makes them turn green with envy at the same time? Imagine if that was you.
  • As a male, the ability to lead is SO key. Not only does that help with dancing, but it will allow you to command the dance floor and sweep any woman off her feet... even if that woman is your wife. Dancing casts an amazing spell when it comes to attraction. Even the ho-hum wallflowers become Alpha-Male if they can spin the dance floor in their favor.
Now there are many different kinds of dance to take and they all are wonderful, but I would encourage each of you to try ballroom. Even after your joints have started to tell you that you can't sprint a 40 in under 4.6 seconds, you will be able to utilize this skill. I am a firm believer that every woman (deep down) wishes for her Prince Charming... and if you just happen to be able to do that coveted Viennese Waltz, then it puts you that much closer.

Final Verdict: If you are already in a relationship, nothing spices up the romance like taking a class together... you end up with bruised knees and sore toes, but also a renewed passion that chocolates and flowers can't buy. If you are single... there is nothing that a woman would love more than for you to ask her to take dance classes... think about it.


As the autumnal air rolls in and the leaves turn to brown you may be tempted to pack away an important accessory until the thaw of spring. What accessory is that, you may ask? The sandal? Ummm no. The cutoff jean mini-skirt? Wrong again. How about I just tell you? The correct answer is none other than sunglasses.

An often overlooked fall/winter accessory is the perfect pair of sunglasses. The important thing to remember when selecting your cold-weather shades is that the frames should be plastic. Your standard metal aviators need to take a back seat because you don't want them freezing to your face. Have you ever put your tongue on a cold piece of metal? Same idea, but picture that metal stuck to your face. The plastic frames will maintain a pleasant temperature while still shielding your eyes from the sun... bright daylight on fresh snow can be quite blinding. Final verdict: if you don't own a pair of plastic-framed sun-shields, look into getting them. Designer sunglasses are great, but if you're like me and lose/break sunglasses just look for a knockoff pair. My favorite pair are from American Eagle.