Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Little Black Dress

Women, here is a post just for you. As I am sure you all know, one of the things than never goes out of style for women is the "little black dress". The one thing that does change, however, is the fabrics and frills. This fall, BCBG has an amazing collection of this timeless dress. In my own personal opinion, BCBG is for the dress world like Godiva is for chocolate. They are very classy, with a wide selection, a higher price point (but not overpriced), and go well with every occasion. When wearing this universal dress it is very important to remember NOT to overdo it. One should not have too many accessories and the shoes shouldn't out-shine the dress. They should be understated sexy. The idea of this dress is to be simply plain. The attraction, from the men, is the idea of no-hassle sexy. Men love the idea of a woman who doesn't take forever to get ready. Subconsciously, the man sees the simplicity of the dress but feels the allure that it creates. With the typical A-line silhouette, this dress tends to be flattering on most women. Final verdict: for a change of pace, try this on for size. You'll be surprised how many heads you turn.

The Men's Cardigan

For years and years the cardigan has been looked at as one of two things: women's apparel or "old man". In the last year or so, it has begun to creep back into the limelight. If you currently own a full-zip sweater then you are almost ready to take the step to the cardigan. There are several companies this year that have them, but I'd like to focus on just one: J.Crew. With their heavily English-influenced style and Anglo-Saxon-looking models, they have entwined their look this fall with the V-neck button cardigan. With the addition of this, anyone can achieve two of the popular looks this fall/winter. Which two you ask? That would have to be layering, and the cardigan but of course. Final verdict: when you want to create a look that says "I like my European heritage but I want to be comfortable/trendy" then pick this item up.