Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fusion and the Male Face

Recently I decided that I needed to upgrade my current razor to something new. Throughout my shaving career I have upgraded razors twice and have found there to be an improvement each time. Originally I used the Bic Slim Twin razors which consisted of two blades and some cheap polymer made in Cambodia. The advantage of the Slim Twin was that since the head was very small, it made trimming around sensitive areas optimal. Take for example under the nose...this spot bleeds like your femeral artery when you cut it and takes forever to heal. With the Slim Twin, no problem.

Then after I had used that I decided to upgrade to one with more blades. So I went out shopping and decided to light upon the Mach 3 razor. The razor was incredible and it made for a closer, quicker shave. The downside of the razor was that the replacement heads were more expensive than a 10-pack of Slim Twins. The upside was that my face would stay smooth longer and until the blades dulled, I wouldn't get razor burn. Another downside was that with the more blades came the problem of a larger head thus leading to not as close trimming in the tight spots. So, in order to correct this, I still kept a few Slim Twins to finish off the job.

BUT, then after two years of Mach 3 territory I decided to try out the new, advertising packed, Gillette Fusion. I will admit that I had my doubts about this razor but one use put them all to rest. The razor is amazing. The 5 blades make for an even pressure system on your face and an immensely close shave. Here is the kicker: it has a single blade on the reverse side for those hard to groom areas. Now I don't have to keep a back-up razor in my other hand while I shave. For those of you who haven't moved to electric and like the closeness of a razor shave, I highly recommend the new Gillette Fusion. Oh, and unless you just have to have batteries, stay away from the power versions. Leave the moving blades to the electric razors.