Monday, October 11, 2010


Just to let all of you know... I will be shutting down this blog. You can catch me on my new blog, Rakish Dishevelment.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

You Should Want These.

Men, you should want these... The rich color basically makes any outfit and they stand out nicely from beneath your slim dark jeans. Who needs statement socks when your shoes can do all the talking for you?

And then you should want to buy these for her...

I mean, what doesn't say I love you like a pair of new sexy 150mm heels? Plus, the tortoise shell look is dark enough for winter, but could easily be paired with a breezy dress for a hot summer night out... of course then you might want to get her some tortoise shell sunglasses to match.

Final Verdict: Try something different this fall in your shoe department... you might be surprised at all the compliments you get.


Plaids. Unless you are living under a rock you have most likely noticed that plaids are everywhere. Everyone from Jason Wu to Forever 21 is sporting the checks of the season. I can just imagine the offices of Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and Brooks Brothers whispering "I told you so" while cranking out variations that they have been doing for years.

One of the most noticeable types this season is actually the buffalo check. This could be due to the resurgence in the old war horse manufactures like Pendleton, Woolrich, and the like. While this red and black fabric (yes it does not always have to be red and black... it just happens to be the most recognizable form of it) is enjoying the limelight, I caution you from picking up every piece that catches your eye. I can easily see this distinct print becoming a "is" that is relegated to a "was" by the season end. However, plaids in general, I think, are a good investment... they remind me of the spring ginghams but for fall. No matter how crazy fashion gets, it often comes back to the classic pieces and "plaid" is totally in the folds of that staple love blanket. When shopping around I encourage you to find pieces that fit your body... and then that flatter your skin tone. Newsflash... bright, bold checks may not look as amazing on you as they do on the 21 year old model you see wearing it.

Final verdict: keep your eyes out for pieces that may be made out of the plaid fabric but remember that you aren't limited to just a button-down shirt.

Back Like Bedbugs in NYC!

After a break from all writing, I am back and boy-OH-boy do I have a lot of things on my mind. We will be discussing all of the current trends... and a few that I was conversationally absent for their infant steps, but are still alive and kicking today. I will also be giving you my thinking on some upcoming themes, and more than likely tear some to pieces with my razor sharp wit and vicious rhetoric. Final Verdict: You'll like it.

On a side note: If you notice that a lot of my former post pics aren't working, it is because my old revamp blog was shut down along with the pics were linked to that site. Fear not for I will have all kinds of new sexiness for you to see.