Sunday, March 05, 2006

Clubbing Ettiquette

So my lovely wife and I went clubbing last night at the Matrix down at Station Square in Pittsburgh. Clubbing is quite the experience and I suggest that everybody do it at least once, except for maybe Redhurt because we know of his distaste for dancing in a public place. So anyway, while we were at this club the large amount of the pre-thirty, hormone driven mass didn't seem to know the proper clubbing ettiquette. When you are going to get a drink at the bar, you are not to cut across the biggest, most dense section of the dance floor. Instead, you are to make your way to the closest edge and skirt around the outside (where there is a phenomenom known as the "walking aisle") and make your way to the bar. Then, when you obtain your liquor induced drinks, you do NOT cut through the middle attempting to hold the overly full drinks above your head and nodding at every attractive person. For the people who are dancing, and for the greater good of the clothing wearing public, please do heed these rules of clubbing ettiquette.